Sew for a Micro-Preemie

Coming soon to a Potato Head Project package near you: preemie leg warmers!

We are in the process of transitioning our care packages from including a onesie to preemie leg warmers. We want to provide PHP families with more that can be used in the NICU. While our onesies are undeniably cute, they are not friendly for life in the NICU and all the wires and evaluations that come with it and so are provided in sizes meant for wear outside the NICU. We’ve come up with a great solution to this problem in our new preemie leg warmers.


Our preemie leg warmers are made to fit babies between about 2-5 lbs. They are a great option for NICU apparel because they do not interfere with all the leads, lines, and wires NICU families become all to familiar with maneuvering around and allow for quick access to baby by the care team. They provide families with the opportunity to dress their baby before he or she may be ready for typical baby clothes and add a bit of normalcy to having a new baby. The best part: they come packaged with lots of love from volunteers like you!


So, if you love to sew and are looking for a way to give to The Potato Head Project, this opportunity might be for you! We’ve worked hard to create a pattern to help anyone with sewing skills participate. You do not need a fancy machine or many years of experience. We’ll provide you with the instructions and The Potato Head Project sew-on tags and you provide the material, time, and love.


To become one of our sewers click the button below and fill out the form. We’ll send you the pattern and request that you send us a sample to approve. Once your completed leg warmers are cleared you’ll receive tags in the mail to start sewing for families and spread hope to the NICU.


Returning approved sewers can request additional tags using the same form.