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What Does It All Cost?

$20  -  SHIPPING

Approx. the cost of shipping one care package - this is our greatest expense


Along with a Potato Head, our volunteers make fun items like tiny legwarmers, preemie hats and MORE. Donations can be used to fund the materials needed


Every package comes with our favorite classic kids toy


The approximate cost of one of the care packages that we send to NICU families across the country.  


Because #twins (and triplets, and quads... and you get the idea)

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Get Involved

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Shipping and Supplies

One of our biggest expenses is shipping. It's not fancy or fun. It's boring and dull. Who likes to pay shipping? Not us!

But as boring as it is- it is the only way to get our packages into the hands of NICU families across the country.


Monetary donations help us fund things like shipping and other pesky, yet necessary, expenses.  We have a vision to bringing hope and love to NICU families across the country and we simply can't do it without you.

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Get Involved

We have lots of great volunteer opportunities that range from hands on experiences all the way to helping from your phone or laptop! We are always looking for folks who are willing to help with event planning, fundraising, social media management to gathering supplies and much much more- we have something for all skill levels! 

Whether you are able to dedicate a few hours or a few days, send us a message and we would love to get you involved! 


The Tiniest Accessories

Over the years we have added extra goodies to our care packages. Some of these items are specially handcrafted by our amazing group of crafty volunteers. 

-Preemie Leggings

- Tiny Knitted Hats

- Isolate Hearts

- Baby Blankets

We are always looking for people willing to donate their time and talents to this endeavor as well as those willing to donate supplies.

We could NOT do this without our amazing supporters

It truly does take a village. Whether you are moved to share your time, talents or monetary donations - every little bit counts!


This is a group effort and we are so thankful for our community of friends and family (near and far) that show up and walk alongside us in this journey. 

Thank you!


More Ways To Help



Amazon Wishlist

We are constantly on the lookout for things we can put inside our packages that can make the lives of NICU families easier. This is an extremely easy way to help the PHP. 

You order and it shows up on our door. Easy Peasy.



Donate Fabric & Yarn! 

We have a wonderful group of makers that volunteer their time and tallents to make the leg warmers, blankets, isolet hearts and preemie hats. 

Supplies must be brand new, clean and soft! flannel, fleece, yarn, and thread are some of the items that we accept!

Patterned Fabrics



Here at PHP, we have a running list of things we are always collecting - host a drive and help us collect as many (NEW) things on this list! 

-Ipsy bags 

-Reusable bags

-Hotel Lotions

- Water bottles



-Small Hand Sanitizer

-Sample Size Personal Items

-Handwritten Notes


Mr. and Mrs. Potato Heads

Collect Toys! 

Our packages just wouldn't be the same without the classic toy - a brand new Mr. or Mrs Potato Head. 

Whether your organization hosts a Potato Head toy drive, or find some of these toys on sale at your local store - we appreciate your willingness to help!  


My Preemie Baby Book

NICU Journal

Created by PHP founders, Kristin and Eric Moan wrote and published a journal specifically made for the intense NICU journey. 

These book preserve the moments you might forget. Contact us if you would like to purchase some books for families in the NICU. 

Find out more about

the book HERE


Host a Fundraiser

Lemonade Anyone?

Want to get involved? We always need help getting our mission out into the community and raising funds! Here is a fun list of things you could host for PHP! 

-Lemonade Stand

-Bake Sale

-Sell Handcrafted Items

-Online Fundraisers

Image by Charity Beth Long

Engaging on our social media platforms 

Sharing our message on your social media

Tell your neighbor

Request a PHP package for someone you know

Share with a NICU nurse

All of these things help spread awareness.

We can only do this if people know who we are and what we do. 

If you have connections to items we collect, or NICU hospitals that need resources for their patients - we would love to chat.

Thanks for being willing to help and joining our network of folks determined to help NICU families- in every hospital- in every city- in every state.

Every little bit helps!

Send us a donation the ole' fashion way!

The Potato Head Project

7700 188th Ln NW

Nowthen, MN 55303

Electronic donations can be made via Venmo or PayPal

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Contact Us

Thanks for submitting! 

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